BoatMax at Minneford Marina on City Island, NY


Boatmax "Where Buyers and Sellers Meet" is located at Minneford Marina,
a 15 acre premier marina in New York City.

Boatmax can assist you in selling your boat; power or sail.   All boats in brokerage with Boatmax are staged at the marina on paved land.  Boarding of the boats is supported by high tech fiberglass “docks” along with handrailed boarding staircases.  This allows interested parties to board your boat safely and easily.

The Boatmax program does NOT charge boat owners for marina storage while the boat is in the brokerage program.  Boats that sell through the program are not charged for land storage while they were in the program.  This is a big saving for sellers who would otherwise have to rent space for their boat.

The Boatmax commission is standard in the industry and is 10% of the selling price.

The program evaluates your boat and gives you the information you need to properly price the boat for sale.  In addition, the Boatmax program merchandises your boat so that “your used boat, can become someone’s new boat”. Merchandising and pricing are key factors in the sale of a used boat.

Boatmax is a NYC licensed boat dealer and serves as an escrow agent to help owners transfer clear title to a buyer. Every aspect of evaluating the boat, appraising its value, staging the boat and merchandising the boat are managed for the owner in order to obtain the best result.

If you are thinking of selling your boat, call us now.  We pick up your boat by truck or by water at NO CHARGE.

Selling a used boat is not a simple task.  Give Boatmax your boat and let Boatmax simplify your life!

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